More fun and creativity.  It seems a constant mental exercise to try and combine the physicality of sport and art.  How close can we get to a complete union of the two worlds?  I called on a close personal friend to be the "guinea pig" for the first Strike 1, 2, 3 effort, Colorado Rockies pitching ace, Mike Hampton.  After prepping the canvas with a coat of cross-complimentary yellow, I placed them against his barn with a protective drop cloth behind.  Mike held a new, white baseball in his fastball grip as I ladled his hand with as much paint in the Rockies team colors as he could hold. He than fired the ball at the canvas.  The canvases were then stretched to reflect the size of the strike zone.  The successful appearance of this first effort led his teammates and many other mound men to ask the question, "When do I get to do this Opie?"

Mike Hampton