24 at 75 The traveling art show that celebrates the birthday of baseball's greatest player, Willie Mays.
A.S.A.M.A. I finally won the United States Sports Academy's Sports Artist of the Year. ASAMA stands for the American Sports Art Museum and Archives..
Ben Folds Ben Folds is a great songwriter and musician. His piano playing and irreverent sense of humor make him a must have on our long road trips. He is also a patron.
Eric Enders Eric Enders is a baseball research guru.  He lives in Cooperstown and is quick with a reference listing or a place to find one.  He just authored a book called Ballparks.  At your local bookstore.
G u s t e r Guster is a band from Boston.  Ryan Miller, one of the gusters, is from Richardson, TX.  Laughing about life if big city Texas suburbs allowed a friendship to strike up.  They live and record in NYC.  If you ever get a chance to see them - they put on a great show.  They are patrons too.
Robert Hurst Robert Hurst - If I could be any other sports artist, I would be Robert Hurst.  His work is great, but he is an even better friend.  He is true to the spirit of being an artist - basing his work on who he is as a person and not what photo he can copy to make a buck.  He and his wife Pam live here in Austin.
The Texas Baseball Hall of Fame For the past few years, Opie has created paintings for each of the inductees as their official artist.
Alex Oana Alex Oana and I went to little Saint Olaf College in Northfield, MN.  He has taken great strides to living his dreams.  Since we ride in that same boat, I can appreciate his efforts.